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Picking the Right Window Fabric For Your Home

Picking the Right Window Fabric For Your Home



Window treatments can make or break any room; especially if you have the wrong fabric! When shopping for your materials in our Atlanta-based store, you will come across hundreds of available fabrics.  The variety of options can get pretty overwhelming so it is important to keep material, color and length in mind.

Our experts at Lewis and Sheron Textiles understand how difficult it can be to make a decision, so we’ve compiled a few tips to help you make the best choice for your windows.


Choosing the proper material is the first and most critical step in finding the right drapery fabric since this will dictate how well your curtains will maintain their shape and color over time.

For window decor, it is important to use fabric that is neither too heavy (i.e. flannel) or too light (i.e. lace). To find the proper balance, we suggest obtaining two yards of sample fabric, and holding it up to the windows in your home to get a feel for what your curtains may look like. Take a moment to pleat the fabric like an accordion as this will more accurately demonstrate how the fabric will fall when hanging in front of your windows. Make sure to note if the fabric flares as this will be a sign that the curtain will not fall correctly (photographed below).

If you are unsure if the fabric is folding properly, feel free to ask one of our associates to assist! If you are unable to visit our store, we are more than happy to send samples to you!


After material, color is the second most important decision you will make about your window treatments. Sunlight will fade the colors of your drapery material over time, so if the fabric is not replaced often, we suggest avoiding extremely bright colors. Instead, use more natural tones to reduce the amount of fading. We have found that linens and silks are the best choices for drapery and window treatments because linen falls nicely and do not easily fade. Silk also continues to prove to be a very durable textile.


Before measuring your wall for curtain length, keep in mind what effect you want the drapes to have on your room.  Do you want the room to feel larger?  Do you want a modern look?  Are you looking for a classic style?

By hanging curtains six inches higher than the window, the eye is tricked into believing the room is larger than it is, and the higher the curtains, the more dramatic the look.

For a more traditional style, add two or three inches to your measurements so the fabric falls elegantly to the floor. If you prefer a more modern look, use exact measurements; this will make the fabric barely sweep the floor.

When it comes to measuring the width, add anywhere between four to eight inches on both sides, and double that number to guarantee a full looking window treatment. This way the window is not blocked by the fabric, and if you ever want to make the room darker, there is enough fabric to do so.

Custom-created window treatments from our store come with many benefits such as perfect measurements, stylish selections, great prices, and more. With hundreds of the world’s finest fabrics available both in store and online, the possibilities are endless!

If you find yourself in need of assistance with your decor, please call or visit us today!

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