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The Importance of Swatches

The Importance of Swatches

Every once in awhile, you will go fabric shopping and immediately find the perfect textile for your project. But often times, it takes multiple trips to several stores to find just what you’re looking for. Because the associates here at Lewis and Sheron are well versed in this industry, we make sure our customers have access to the most important tool when making a design decision: fabric swatches.

Though it may not seem valuable, we’ve listed out a few reasons why we feel it is important to use fabric swatches during your interior design process!

  1. Type of Fabric

We cannot stress enough the importance of seeing and feeling  fabric before using it in your home. There have been many times we’ve had customers ask for our help after being ill-advised on the proper use of certain fabrics.  Just because a fabric has  a beautiful pattern or color, doesn’t mean it is well  suited for your current project. we will be honest and suggest a way it could be used in a more adequate way.

With our swatches you are able to take a piece of your favorite textile home and compare  or test out the look and feel as it relates to your project . This will help you to reach a quicker decision and see how each will fare when compared to the previous fabrics used in your designs.

    2.   Fabric Color

If you are unable to come into our store, you can always shop our lavish fabrics on our website. We also provide an option for customers to order swatch samples so you can still have the opportunity to experience the fabric before you make a final decision. Customers are highly encouraged to order several swatches before making a large purchase. Please always keep in mind that the colors on your computer screen can vary from the true color of the fabric. By picking 2 or 3 fabrics you would like to use, you can compare the colors as well as have a better feel for the style the fabrics create.

   3.   Fabric Name

We carry thousands of the world’s most sought after brands, but they do not all call the same colors the same name. Bright Red might have a different meaning to Kravet compared to Robert Allen or Fabricut. With swatches from all three brands you could immediately distinguish which color fits what you are looking for .

Swatches are a great way to avoid picking the wrong fabric for your project and are a great way to open your horizons to new brands, colors and more. If you are interested in swatches of our fabrics please visit our store or order online today!

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