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Get to Know Our Team! | Jerry Chaney

Get to Know Our Team! | Jerry Chaney


At Lewis & Sheron, we are family, and when you visit the store, we want you to make you feel like family too! That is why we pride ourselves in helping taking the time to get to know each customer that walks through our door.


But, we couldn’t do that without our amazing employees! Today we are highlighting one of our great customer service representatives, Jerry Chaney.


Let’s see what his thoughts are….

Do you remember the exact date you started with Lewis & Sheron?

How could I forget!? My first day at Lewis & Sheron was March 5th, 1998.  I remember the day like it was yesterday; even though it has been a little more than 18 years.


Congratulations! How did you get started?


Before I started, I was friends with Rico, who was already working here. He used to always tell me how great Lewis & Sheron was so I decided to visit the store one day, and saw exactly what he meant. Everyone was so cheerful and willing to help from the moment I walked through the door, and I knew it was the perfect environment for me to work in.


What does it mean to work in customer service at Lewis & Sheron?


Part of my job consists of stocking and recording inventory, but what separates Lewis & Sheron from other places, and what I love most is that we make sure every customer that walks through our doors is assisted in finding the perfect fabric and measurements for their project.


How have you grown since your first day with L&S?


Well for starters, I didn’t have this much grey hair in 1998!  I came into this position not knowing much about fabric or fiber content. But, because everyone is so helpful, I’ve learned so much in the last eighteen years.


What’s your favorite memory?


When we first opened the thrift store area, StaceAge, we hosted a party to celebrate. It was heartwarming to see all of the customers who love Lewis & Sheron as much as I do come and support us. Some I know by first name, others I met for the first time, but overall it was a great night.  


What has made you continue to work here for more than 18 years?


Definitely the atmosphere. I love that part of my job is to help people every day. It is a nice feeling to go home knowing you’ve made a difference in others lives.  Also, the Sheron family are all great people to work for. They really make everyone feel part of the family.


What’s your favorite part of the store?


I work with all the fabrics, and I do love how different they all are.  But, I would say the furniture section is my favorite! There are some really neat couches I like. My favorite is the tan-leather couch outlined in nail heads, it always catches my eye!


Thank you Jerry for all of the great work you do at Lewis & Sheron!  Be sure to stop by the store to meet Jerry and allow him to help with all of your fabric needs.  

To learn more about Jerry, please visit here, or come see us!


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