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Get to Know Our Team! | Bobby Jackson

Get to Know Our Team! | Bobby Jackson

Whether you have worked Lewis and Sheron for years or are just recently employed, it doesn’t take long to see we work as a family. This week we had the opportunity to sit and chat with our Sales Manager, Bobby Jackson (or BJ for short).

Let’s see what BJ has to say….

How long have you worked at Lewis and Sheron?

5 years and counting!

What is your title?

I am a Sales Manager, but I do a little of everything around the store.

What Do You Love about working at Lewis and Sheron?

The people I work with and the people that come in are the best part of the job.  But, what I really like is watching people enjoy what they do.  I enjoy watching and helping the customer get to where they want to get to.  

What does your average day in the store look like?

Very busy every day.  In addition to handling sales that come through on the phone lines and online, I also work the floor and the front desk.  I cut fabric and handle IT issues.   Everyone pitches in around here.  You aren’t defined by your title.  At the end of the day, we are Lewis and Sheron.  

What is the Lewis and Sheron difference?

There is a strong family atmosphere.  I worked in corporate most of my adult life and chose not to go back into that realm even though I could have.  The fact that Lewis and Sheron is owned by a local family, and I am able to be hands on with customers makes this job so refreshing and unique.

What is your favorite part of the store?

I love working the front desk because that is where you get to interact with people the most.  Everyone walks into the store like they are seeing Disney World for the first time. It is GREAT to help people find what they are looking for.  At the end of the day, everything is about the customer.

What do you want to tell people that they may not know about Lewis and Sheron?

Lewis and Sheron has very few limitations (if any).  We are able to find so many unique pieces for our customers; there is hardly anything we can’t get or can’t get to.


Outside of fabric and furniture, what really makes Lewis and Sheron the fabric gem of the Southeast is the personal touch.  It is the NUMBER ONE thing we are able to capture.  Whether you are spending $5 on trim or $50,000 on furniture, everyone is treated like royalty here, and it is something I enjoy being a part of.  


And we are so glad you are part of the family, BJ! Next time you are shopping our luxurious fabrics, furniture, etc., be sure to ask BJ or any of our associates for any assistance you may need!

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