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3 Questions To Think About When Choosing Fabric

3 Questions To Think About When Choosing Fabric

Choosing fabric for designs isn’t always a walk in the park. A lot of customers visit our store and are unsure of what they really want. We will admit, piecing together a room will take time. But, with our help, you can speed up the process and find all of the items you need in our store!

Below are a few question we always tell our customers to think about when choosing fabric.

  1. What is the mood of the room?

Is it sultry and sophisticated,  sweet and youthful, or something entirely different? Beginning with what type of room you are designing will eliminate a lot of fabric options that aren’t suitable for your design. With this question in mind, you will be able to understand which fabrics make the most sense. For example, if you were to re-do a nursery and asked yourself what the mood of the room was, would you use dark velvets or colorful patterns? Unless you have a very sophisticated baby, we suggest the patterned textiles.

2. What will the fabric be used for?

If the fabric is being used for drapery, we suggest reading our tips on picking the right window treatment blog to gain a full understanding of what type of fabric is needed for that. For upholstery or other heavy-uses, we suggest durable fabrics such as linen, or a synthetic textile such as nylon. By using the proper durability, your fabric will have the correct weight to fulfill it’s purpose, and look its best!

3. How much will this fabric be used?

Blending your new fabric with your current designs is important to make your room look cohesive. If you are looking to subtly add a few new textures or patterns to your decor, use the fabric in small doses like on throw pillows or part of your drapery. But, if you are looking to show major changes in your decor, use the fabric to upholster a large piece of furniture to make it easily noticed.

Choosing the perfect fabric for your home can be difficult. By asking yourself these three questions, you can gain a better understanding of what you want, and how we can assist you in achieving it!

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